Shalini Bhatia

Continuing on the road to success, Shalini Bhatia is now hosting a new chat show in association with Instafeed. The show titled Set the Trend is creating a buzz in the entertainment space. The show guests include TV stars, top fashion designers, renowned makeup artists, and big influencers. The guests in this show till date have been Bhoomika Vashisht, Sagar Anand, Ghazal Arora, Sunita, and Ruchika Kapoor.

When Shalini got married at the young age of 21, all she met was criticism. Everyone said that it would mean the end of her professional career. She didn't pay heed to such negative comments and did what she wanted to. She worked hard and kick-started her journey to stardom after her marriage. Her journey through the world of glamor was full of ups and downs, but she says she is proud of her decision.

With many fans and followers that appreciate her looks and acting skills, she is known as a successful model and actress. She was recently spotted at the Montrose fashion week Jaipur, where she shared the stage with Rahul Dev and Mugdha Godse. Her fans were amazed at her physique, her skin, and her elegance. She says that it means a lot for her to come so far.

She always aimed to make a career in the fashion and beauty industry. Even as a child, she dreamed of wearing a crown at a beauty pageant. Life somehow had unique plans and she got married. However, like a streak of luck, her new family was as supportive of her dreams as her parents. They motivated her to contest for Mrs. India 2019 (Grahsaheli) crown. With some apprehensions, she participated, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of her life. She won the crown and it led to her winning multiple modeling contracts. Her looks and conduct were the centers of attention at the pageant and she later appeared as a face of many brand photoshoots.

Later, she was also a judge for various fashion and beauty events. She is looking forward to many exciting projects and her appearance at Montrose fashion week. She has emerged as a youth icon and is a great motivation for young girls to follow their dreams. She wishes to continue working in the fashion and entertainment industry. She is proud of her journey in which she struggled hard, balanced her career and family, and battled negative comments.