Sanjjjanaa.Sanjjjanaa Galrani Twitter Account

Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani has vented her anguish against an old man who was caught abusing a child on tape. She posted the disturbing video on social media and slammed the man for abusing the minor.

She tweeted, "This Ba^*+%#dd..should be cut into pieces ,this is a inhuman affair,it might be a #nirbhaya or a #asifa,both where India's daughters. We need a New #anti-rape cell in the country,just death penalty for rapist attacking kids below 12 years is not enough!What about older gals ? [sic]

The gruesome video of child sex abuse has surfaced online and is spreading like wildfire on WhatsApp. However, news reports haven't confirmed if a case has been filed against the man.

The NDA government has recently approved an ordinance on the POCSO Act, under which those accused of raping children of up to 12 years of age can be awarded a death penalty.

However, the actress questioned why the same law does not include girls aged above 12.

Sanjjjanaa Galrani, who has acted in over 40 movies in multiple languages, is currently working in a few projects that include Malayalam flick Chila Nerangalil Chilar. She is also doing a TV series Swarnakhatgam in which she plays the role of a warrior queen.