Is there any connection between coronavirus and 5G? You may quickly refute it but Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson suggests that there might be a link to both. The Zombieland star recently on a social media shared a report linking the spread of COVID-19 to 5G wireless networks and the actor although did not fully "vetted" the study but found it interesting.

Woody Harrelson

The report read "Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in China, was chosen to be China's first 5G 'smart city' and the location of China's first smart 5G highway. Wuhan is also the centre of horrendous coronavirus epidemic. The possible linkage between these two events was first discussed on Oct 31, 2019 article titled 'Wuhan was the province where 5G was rolled out, now the centre of the deadly virus'.

The report shared by Woody Harrelson on Instagram then raises questions about whether the fast spread of the virus is due to 5G and puts forward the other arguments relating it.

Woody Harrelson
Screenshot of Woody's postInstagram

The actor later also shared a video showing people taking down the 5G towers, however, the video was from Hong Kong and it was protestors taking down the lampost and not the tower.

After the post was shared, the actor faced backlash and due to misinformation in some parts of the United Kingdom, the tower workers were heckled as per several reports.

Woody deletes the post

However, the actor has deleted the post on Instagram following the backlash and also the video of allegedly people taking down the tower. Earlier singer M.I.A had also tweeted about 5G and coronavirus.

According to the reports, the scientists have discarded such studies and asked celebrities not to fan the flames of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

The coronavirus has created havoc all over the world and till now more than 82,000 people have died due to COVID-19 and globally the cases have zoomed to 14 lakhs.