All that glitters are not gold and the film industry is a fine example of it. It is a colourful industry and everything looks beautiful for outsiders, but for insiders, it is a gambling business and one movie could make or break one's life. Here is a legendary Sandalwood personality, who is now forced to sell his house to clear his debts.


Dwarakeesh's Financial Woes
Actor-filmmaker Dwarakeesh, who has produced 52 movies, has reportedly sold his favourite house to Rishab Shetty, whose latest Kannada film Hero was released on Friday, 5 March, in order to settle his loans. Going by a report on a Kannada TV channel, the Kirik Party director purchased the property located in the HSR Layout for Rs 10.5 crore.

This has been Dwarakeesh's favourite house and he finally decided to sell off to settle the loans that he took to make his recent movies that include Shivaraj Kumar's Ayushman Bhava which bombed at the box office.

Last year, Dwarakeesh had filed a complaint against film producers and distributors Ramesh and Jayanna for abusing and threatening his life over a financial row. The actor-filmmaker had taken money from them to release Ayushmann Bhava with an assurance of settling it in a matter of months. Since the film failed to perform to their expectations at the box office, he could not pay the amount and sought more time to return the amount.

A screen shot from Dwarakish's video.PR Handout

Later, the producers had told Kannada news channels that they had not threatened him but requested him to settle the issue at the earliest. They also made various allegations on Dwarakeesh's son Yogish for cheating them.

On his turn, Dwarakeesh admitted to have taken the money from them, but wanted more time to settle. In fact, he promised to sell his house to settle the dispute.

Dwarakeesh's Journey with Ups and Downs
Ups and downs have been part of Dwarakeesh's 6-decade association in the film industry. There is a report which claims that he has sold 13 such properties in his life for his survival in the industry, yet he never stopped making films.

In 2004, Dwarakeesh was facing a similar situation and Apthamitra gave him a new lease of life. The Vishunvardhan-starrer went on to become the biggest blockbuster of its time which helped him to clear all his loans.

Dwarakeesh's first movie as a producer was Mamatheya Bandhana in 1966. Mayor Muthanna, Kulla Agent 000, Kittu Puttu and Guru Sishyaru were some of the films produced by him.