India is awaiting prompt response from Pakistan in the form of action taken against those responsible for the attack on the Indian Air Force (IAF) base in Pathankot, said Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup. Putting the onus of the foreign secretary-level talks on Pakistan, Swarup said: "The ball is in Pakistan's court." 

India has identified Maulana Ashfaq Ahmad, Hafiz Abdul Shakur, Kasim Jaan, and MM Azhar as the Pakistani handlers of the terrorists who attracked the Pathankot air base, and wants action taken against them, reported ANI

The air base was attacked on 2 January by six terrorists armed with a huge cache of weapons. National Security Guards were deployed to battle the terrorists, and killed five militants, while it is believed that the sixth was buried in a building's rubble after an explosion. The combing operations went on till 6 January. 

The attack, which was planned in Markaz on Pakistan's side of Punjab, according to ANI, has put the foreign secretary-level talks in jeopardy as India demands that Pakistan investigate the incident with the evidence provided by them.