Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada
Silambarasan's Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada, which released on Friday, has opened to good reviews.PR Handout

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada (also spelt as Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada, Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada and Acham Enbadhu Madamaiyada) has opened to fantastic reviews. The audience have liked the good story and they are also impressed by the performances of the lead actors.

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Silambarasan, who had earlier worked with Gautham Menon in blockbuster Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa in 2010, has teamed up with the same director again in Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada. The latest movie has Manjima Mohan playing the female lead. Bollywood actor Bobby Sehgal plays the negative role in the flick, which also has Daniel Balaji, Sathish Krishnan and others in the cast.

Two-time Oscar Award winner AR Rahman has composed the songs. 'Showkali,' 'Rasaali,' 'Avalum Naanum' and 'Thallipogathey' songs have turned out to be chartbusters. Dan Macarthur has handled the cinematography, while Anthony Gonsalves has edited the flick.

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada had generated a lot of buzz through the audio, teaser and trailer. The reunion of Simbu and Gautham Menon has doubled the expectations from the Tamil movie, which has been simultaneously made in Telugu with Naga Chaitanya replacing Silambarasan in the Tollywood version.

The movie revolves around two people (Simbu and Manjima Mohan). The hero is an MBA graduate, aimless. He is single and his earlier attempts to have relationships with girls have failed thrice! At this juncture, he meets Leela and he falls in love with her.

Well, they decided to go on a road trip and their lives takes a major twist. What follows next is the interesting part of the story.  While the first half is all about their romance, the second half is full of action sequences.

Simbu seems to have a winner in hand. Going by the viewers' response, the Tamil movie has impressed the audience. Thanks to Gautham Menon, whose screenplay has made the big difference. The director has tapped the actor in Simbu, who has come out with a solid performance. 

AR Rahman's music has turned out to be the major highlight of the movie. All the five tracks appear in the first half and the audience will not complain. His background score adds huge value to the flick. Like in every film, Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada too has its own share of drawbacks and the major among them remains the climax portion where logic in the story takes a back seat. Read the audience's response to the film below:

Sreedhar Pillai: #AYM 3.25/5.Story rehash of earlier @menongautham films (he makes no bones about it) title card says inspired by an incident from Godfather!
#AYM 3.25/5. Technically fab, Dan's camera, Rajeevan's production designs & lovable supporting cast, @dancersatz impressive as hero friend.
#AYM 3.25/5. @iam_str best in romance, dialogue delivery & as mass hero. @mohan_manjima like a breath of fresh air, a sensational debut.
#AYM 3.25/5.@arrahman music simply outstanding enriched by @menongautham picturisation #ThaliPogathey crucial story board idea well executed
#AYM 3.25/5.Good in parts, romance in 1st half is vintage @menongautham + crackling chemistry between @iam_str and fantastic @mohan_manjima.

Sathish Kumar M: #AYM - Inspired from a moment from 'The GodFather' #Credits
#AYM - Romantic Musical First Half with 5 songs which will satisfy #ARR #STR & #GVM fans. Expecting engaging action oriented second half
#AYM - Romantic Musical 1st Half with 5 songs which will satisfy @arrahman @iam_str & @menongautham fans. Expecting action oriented 2nd half
#AYM #ThalliPogathey Song has been picturised well & comes at the most important sequence. Adds value to the movie.

VJ Abishek: #AYM deserves a spoiler-free review! I request all of d journalists 2 please restrain from letting out d nice things @menongautham @iam_str
@iam_str should make use of this momentum and do lot of such quality films! He deserves much more viewers! #AYM is gold for him!
A settled screenplay goes all berserk n then comes 2 a high point wid little more to tell. That's when the intensity is slightly lost #AYM
Thumping victory from @iam_str and @menongautham with #AYM The director has once again created moments giving us a film creating an impact.
Glorifying love might dampen things a bit, but for people in love, #AYM is magic! Musically narrating a story is what musical is!
There is a huge difference BTW @arrahman n other league of composers @mohan_manjima gives an endearing performance #AYM 1st half is pwrful
@iam_str should seriously consider working only on films with substance. He just makes his portion look so easy! @dancersatz tickles #AYM
@menongautham has a way of narrating, which is one of it's kind. Love might be glorified, but the VO pattern once again wins #AYM first half

Praveen: #AYM — Not close to #VTV, all the good songs get over in first half, the insane climax may not work for everyone. Trisha wld hv been so apt!
#AYM — #ARR yet again stamps his class with all the songs & wonderful background music throughout. The lush visuals and rich prod values
#AYM — @mohan_manjima makes a casual & impressive debut, @dancersatz entertains while the imposing @OnlyBabaSehgal rocks as the corrupt cop.
#AchchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada — @iam_str's most important & serious performance recently. Intense yet subtle, thaaru maaru dance Showkali #AYM
#AchchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada — The best thing, #ThalliPogathey song entry which switched the genres seamlessly. Appropriate placement #AYM
#AchchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada —The film may look classy bt nearly 60% loaded with action packed 'MASS' moments for #STR fans. Oh my climax!
#AchchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada — @menongautham delivers yet another simple story which takes a dip in few places but still a good watch. #AYM
#AchchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada — 3/5 Takes you on one helluva ride with occasional bumpers. Gorgeously unhurried romantic action thriller. #AYM

Vijay: #AYM Review @iam_str proved once again he s more than a mass hero.solid prfmnc wt extraordinary screen presence.hatsoff #mostunderratedactor
#AYM Review A simple movie wt all ingrdnts 2bcm a classic.Magic againby @arrahman.@iam_str n @mohan_manjima sheer brilliance.worth the wait.
@menongautham recreated the magic wth #AYM n proved again he is the Richard Linklater of Tamil Cinema.#AYM on par with ##VTV in every frame.
#AYM review 1st half @iam_str @dancersatz combo scenes genuinely funny n @iam_str @mohan_manjima scenes so gripping n simply beautiful..
#AYM review 1st half brings d love magicof @iam_str @menongautham n God @arrahman.bgm outta d world.@mohan_manjima n @dancersatz great find.

Sujith: #AYM first half :Completely in love with this. Such cute love scenes turning intense / into action mode towards d interval. #STR
Loved the #ThalliPogathey song placement. #STR at his usual best and @mohan_manjima makes a very impressive debut.
Love episodes in the first half, intense interval block and the action packed second half, everything works big time.
#STR is unbelievably cute and handsome in #AYM and so is @mohan_manjima Very well done @menongautham. Loved d love episodes.
Completely in love with this. Such cute love scenes turning intense / into action mode towards d interval. #STR

Mahavishnu Krishnamoorthy: #AYM - Frame by Frame colourful pixels & Genuine characterization makes the scene better than anything ! No one can capture the candid moments in screenplay like GVM ! He is just a mind blower by examining & presenting the genuine romance in diff dimensions ! Love portions are taking us to the top notch heaven feel ! ARR the man of divine ! His tunes are like reflection of beauty in crystal clear running water ! Manushan setthu vechu, motthama merattitaapla..!! Thalli pogathey song situation will make any couple to give their total soul to the screen characters ! A complete classy & mass touch ! Awesomeness overloaded in frame by frame ! Manjima the gem of Romance & STR the care taker of valuable Gem ! STR is really dsrvd a lot as a feel good actor ! Marvellous screenplay, giant execution, sharp & apt dialogues & best Romantic movie of this year ! The only thing, if the ppl accept the climax, then this movie dfntly will grab more awards logically :) I loved every second of this phenomenal making !!! Innoru time paakkanum pola irukku!!!!!

Rudhrashankar K: @mohan_manjima looks pretty on screen. She gives enough postitive vibes to our boys.
Surprisingly, @iam_str is cute and the boy the next door in 1st half and the man in 2nd half . The complete film. The #Rajinikanth !
Bike ride wid loved one... A dream for most f us... Seen t on screen... Thalli pogathey... #AYM

Keerthivasan: Watching #AYM here in the US.. first half over. the magic has worked out so well. @iam_str @menongautham @arrahman have done a fine job!!
Watching #AYM here in the US.. first half over. the magic has worked out so well. @iam_str @menongautham @arrahman have done a fine job!!

Just Watch My Review: First half update.. Movie for college students,lovers,natural lovers.. It's GVM movie.. #AchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada #aym
Movie over.. First half romantic.. Second half action.. Overall usual GVM Love + action... #aym #AchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada
Str + manjima mohan acting good..bgm perfect.. Movie kind of travel based.. #aym #AchchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada
Positive - acting,bgm,romanace, cinematography Negative - not acceptable climax #aym #AchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada
Expect big surprise towards end ..I won't reveal surprise.. #aym #AchchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada