Abhirami Venkatachalam has been abused and harassed using her caste as a tool by a section of her followers on social media. The actress, who has become a household name after participating in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, has now lashed out the people who normally finds fault in everything and now over sharing a picture of Hindu god.

Abhirami Venkatachalam
Bigg Boss contestant Abhirami upset over casteist remark.Abhirami Venkatachalam Instagram

Bigg Boss contestant Abhirami shares Hindu god picture
It was all started after she shared a picture of Lord Dhanvantri to wish the doctors on the doctors' day. She posted the picture and wrote, "Happy doctors day to all ♥️ my heartfelt thanks to all the doctors in the world , we all are safe home because you all are out there for us not only today we should celebrate you all each and everyday for the sacrifices you Dr's are doing for us.... #happydoctorsday #pandemic #fatherofayurveda #danvanthiri. [sic]"

A section of people objected to it and related to her Brahmin identity. "I shared the photo because he was first one to start medication (as per Hinduism) and doctors are aware of it. 2-3 people did not like it and abused me that I was proving Brahmins superiority," the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant said.

Have Guts and Ba**S to Show Your Face
The 29-year old continued, "I have been going through this harassment for a long time. That's the reason why I replaced my surname Iyer with my father's name Venkatachalam. None of us are trying to prove that we are above someone else or below someone. But it is painful and hurtful to see such comments even for a video posted with a good intention," the actress, who had played a key role in Ajith Kumar's Nerkonda Paarvai, said.

Abhirami Venkatachalam
Abhirami Venkatachalam harassed online.Abhirami Venkatachalam Instagram

Abhirami Venkatachalam concludes, "I believe dirt is filled in the minds of those making such comments. Just to post absurd comment people are creating fake accounts. So, please whoever is doing it have guts or ba**s to show your face. I wish I could trace those address and file a complaint because they are pulling me down and always mocking me because of caste, race and thing. Its very painful please don't repeat this."