Abby Lee Miller
Dance Moms' Abby Lee MillerReuters

All has not been well with "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller. The reality TV star, who rose to fame with her show, "Dance Moms", has been suffering from a mental breakdown, according to a report which appeared on OK! Magazine. According to the report, Abby has isolated herself in her hotel room.

Yibada claims that this is the result of fame, something that the reality TV star is struggling to cope with. "The ALDC coach was said to be having problems dealing with critics, as well as her growing popularity," the article stated.

A make-up artist, who wished to remain anonymous, told OK! Magazine that Abby's hotel room has a repugnant smell of fast food. "Abby is gross. Her room was a wreck and reeked of old fast food," said the make-up artist.

She further added, "She needed a bath – it looked like she had days' worth of makeup caked on her face."

According to the make-up artist, the reality TV star has been walking around only in a T-shirt and has allegedly not showered for days.

This extreme isolation and disregard for social decorum is ironic since the star has always told her students to be on their best behaviour.

Meanwhile, the dance coach's TV show "Dance Moms" could be cancelled after its fifth season. Christian Today mentioned that the TV show's cancellation could be because of a growing rift between Abby and her students. The article also claims that many of the students from ALDC might not return for the next season.

In the article, which appeared on OK! Magazine, the make-up artist mentioned, "Nothing about Abby is nice. She is rude, obnoxious and entitled."