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'PK' (Peekay)Twitter/aamir khan

The recent controversy over "PK" had stirred discussion and heated arguments in social circles and media.

The film, which is directed by Rajkumar Hirani and stars Aamir Khan, is accused of "hurting Hindu sentiments" by various religious outfits and now they are seeking the ban of the movie.

"PK" is probably the most discussed movie in such controversies, but is not the only movie which faced such threats in India. Here is list of the movie that faced threats from the various religious groups.


Poster of "Water"Facebook/ Lisa Ray Official

Deepa Mehta's well-acclaimed movie "Water" is the best example to prove that India has become an intolerant place for artists and their creative works. Her movie "Fire" also faced a lot of trouble for portraying the conservative Indian society in negative light. But the with "Water", things got more worse when 2,000 activists stormed to the location of the movie and destroyed the whole set by burning them.

The makers later had to shoot the movie in Sri Lanka, following the protest.


Kamal Haasan
'Vishwaroopam'Facebook/Kamal Haasan_theofficialpage

Vishwaroopam probably is the one of the most controversial film of Kamala Haasan. The trouble started when the Tamil Nadu-based Hindu Makkal Katchi asked the makers to change the Sanskrit title - "Viswaroopam" - to a pure Tamil tiltle and accused Kamal for ignoring the Tamil language.

The movie also faced threat of ban and faced issues in screening the movie when a Muslim organisation Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham claimed the movie for representing the Muslim community as a group of terrorists.

Later the issue was settled down after continuous discussion and legal battles.


Kamal Haasan
'Dasavatharam'Facebook/Kamal Haasan_theofficialpage

Kamal Haasan's another movie "Dasavatharam" also had similar issues. The problems started when Hindu Makkal Katchi lodged police complaint against actress Mallika for wearing improper attire at the audio launch function of the movie and thereby "hurting the sentiments of Hindus".

Later Viswa Hindu Parishad claimed that the movie wrongly portrayed the clash between Saivism and Vaishnavism, which prevailed in 12th century. Later, the makers confirmed that the movie did not have any controversial scenes. The charges against the movie were later cleared on the grounds that it did not portray Hindu culture in bad light.

'My Name is Khan'

'My Name is Khan'
The story is based on a cross country journey of an American Muslim with Asperger's syndrome, Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), who sets out to meet the President and the challenges he faces en route. He falls in love and marries a Hindu woman, Mandira (Kajol).Official site

The movie, "My Name is Khan", faced heat from Shiv Sena. The controversy began when Shah Rukh Khan criticised the decision of Indian Premier League (IPL) organiser's decision of not taking Pakistan cricket players to the club.

Shiv Sena demanded public apology from Shah Rukh Khan, which he refused to do and said that all he wanted was people to come to his country. The organisation later demanded the ban of his movie "My Name is Khan" and threatened to disrupt the screening of the film.

However, the issue got sorted out when the Maharastra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan threatened to withdraw the security cover for Shiv Sena leader Udhav Thackeray and the state police also beefed up the security for the screening of the movie.

'Oh My God'

'OMG Oh My God!' movie poster
'OMG Oh My God!' movie poster

The critically acclaimed movie, which starred Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar also had its share of controversies. The film faced troubles when Nimisha Mehta, Vice President of Jalandhar State Mahila Congress filed lodged complaint against Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and the other producers of the movie for the wrong depiction of Hindu gods and Indian spiritual tradition and thereby hurting the religious sentiments of the community.


KadalFacebook/ Gautham Karthik

Mani Rathnam movie "Kadal" also faced threat and opposition from various Christian outfits. Indian Christian Democratic Party claimed that the movie demanded the deletion of some objectionable scenes on Christianity.