Zeeshan Zafiri

If we look at the rise and demise of major fabric brands, some amazing facts dawn upon us. Rising brands have some qualities that set them apart from others. We come to know that all these brands combine innovation with conformity. If you're innovating without regard for the conventional standards, you're going to lose in the end. If you're a mere conformist, you're destined to fail. AALA Fabrics is mixing both things in a unique formulation.

Zeeshan Zafiri, the current heir and CEO of the brand, is a cultured and refined person with amazing knowledgeability. To put it another way, he happens to be a people-pleaser. Besides having innovating capacity, he adheres to his customer-centric business model.

Under his vision, the company has seen exponential growth, he says. In its transition from a brick-and-mortar store to a digital store, in the form of website, the company has expanded. But in the expansion process, the brand has remained true to its values. It has always coupled rejuvenating innovation with evergreen conformity. That's what makes AALA superior, as its name suggests.

Traditionally, the brand has remained a household name for conventional fabrics in India. But it has been introducing recent genre fabrics for the last couple of decades. In addition, the CEO introduced some novel services, such as custom dyeing services. The company can now pick up your fabric for free if you reside in Mumbai and then dye it with your custom pattern. If you live somewhere else, you can send your fabrics to them for custom dyeing. You can WhatsApp or email your custom design and get your fabrics dyed for you. Your fabrics will be printed using the latest, digital printing machines. Thanks to the digital era, there's no minimum fabric limit.

If you take a look at the company website, you'll come across a kaleidoscope of multiple colorful options. Coming up with a lot of offerings is easy, doing it sustainably is difficult. The current CEO has been doing it for years, not for a fortnight. He's oriented the business to be profitable in the long run, to the extent that a myopic person forms a belief that the brand is about to collapse