Ram Gopal Verma is at it again!

The filmmaker, notorious for his controversial antics, has once again managed to draw public ire after he was spotted lighting up (and smoking) a cigarette instead of diyas and candles. When the whole of the nation was following PM Narendra Modi's call for illuminating their homes, the veteran director was seen enjoying puffs after puffs of cigarettes. 

Satya director posted a picture of himself lighting the cigarette and wrote, "9 PM......Disclaimer: Not following Corona warnings is far more dangerous than not following government warnings on cigarette smoking." His friend and arch critic of Narendra Modi, director Anurag Kashyap, also retweeted his post, without any comments. 

Ram gopal verma

This act of Verma's hasn't gone down well with the public and has invited severe backlash, with some calling his behaviour 'insulting towards the seriousness of the disease." Some people even asked that is there any cure to RGV's sick mid? One of the follower hilariously wrote that, "If corona had a Twitter account n followed RGV's tweet, I am sure that it would have been dead by now, bcz of ur logic... Crazy thinking....!"

Though some people were severely angry because of RGV's act, some seem to enjoy it and called him "Thug Life Ka Baap".

Check out these tweets by his followers:

Earlier this week on April Fool's Day, Ram Gopal Varma made an insensitive joke of being tested positive with coronavirus. The 'Rangeela' fame director made a post on his official Twitter handle declaring him to be the latest victim of coronavirus, which created pandemic all across the globe and has wreaked havoc in its path.

Ram Gopal Verma
Ram Gopal Verma at Satya 2 Theatrical TrailerVarinder Chawla

This news quickly spread and a large number of supporters came forward to show their concern for the filmmaker's health. But, it was only a matter of a few hours that RGV stated his previous tweet to be a prank played on him by his doctor. This, however, did not go too well with everyone and soon a large number of people started showing their displeasure over RGV's insensitive prank of being the victim of coronavirus.