Around nine in 10 professionals in India (91 per cent) are facing barriers such as feeling burnt out or family responsibilities that are getting in the way of learning new skills, a report showed on Tuesday.

Top barriers include a lack of time due to family responsibilities or other personal commitments (34 per cent), busy work schedules (29 per cent) and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of learning resources available (26 per cent), according to new research from professional networking platform LinkedIn.

In this era of AI, professionals must develop new skills to advance their careers. However, they are facing roadblocks in their learning journey. 

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According to LinkedIn data, skills needed for a job in India are expected to change by 64 per cent by 2030, so it is vital for professionals to be super-focused on learning, according to the report.

Meanwhile, 'Loud Learning' -- the act of being vocal and intentional about learning ambitions in the workplace -- has emerged as a promising solution to this problem. 

Around eight in 10 (81 per cent) professionals in India said this practice can help them dedicate time to improve their skills.

The key ways include sharing their learnings with teammates, sharing their learning journey or accomplishments on LinkedIn and informing their team members of their learning time blocks.

Eight in 10 (81 per cent) professionals in India said that seeing their peers engage in 'Loud Learning' will motivate them to do the same, the report mentioned.

With inputs from IANS