Even before the OnePlus 2's global release, it has gained immense popularity for numerous reasons. The powerhouse hardware is not the only reason behind this, rather the usability and of course, the Google Android powered OxygenOS operating system.

Based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, the OxygenOS 2.0, which runs on OnePlus 2 has not only taken the minimalist approach for designing the interface but added several intuitive gestures for making it much useful.

Here are a few secret tips and tricks you can execute on your OnePlus 2 smartphone for getting a never-before experience.

How to Edit Notification screen

Based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop's cosmetic interface, the OxygenOS has kept the drop-down notification screen very simple. You can rearrange the options featured there as per your convenience. For doing that, click on the tile icon, which appears below the user profile button on the top right. Once you tap on that, all the options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight , cast screen and location appears. What you need to do is drag the tiles and later tap the save icon to keep the settings.

How to customise home screen buttons

The OnePlus 2 comes with three capacitive hardware buttons below the display. By default, the left button works as back, the middle button, which acts as a fingerprint recogniser, also works as a search assistant and the rightmost button works as the menu button.

But the good thing about OnePlus 2 is that you can customise all of them according to your convenience. For instance, you can activate the on screen navigation bar, which is hidden by default, swap the order of recent and back button, toggle the capacitive keys light, initialise some other action on the home, recent and back button. You can initialise different actions for all the three buttons for double and long taps.

For customising, navigate to Settings>>buttons and follow the on screen instructions.

Double Tap to Wake up

You can use this feature for turning on or off the sleep mode by tapping twice on the display, no need to use the power button.

For activating the function, go to Settings>>Gestures under the 'Device' section and select the Double tap to wake option. Now click twice on the display to activate sleep mode and click twice to wake it up.

Draw Gestures

OxygenOS also comes with three gestures for opening up the camera, flashlight and control the music playback direct from the locked screen. For doing that, you have to draw an O for opening camera, V for toggling the flashlight and draw || with two fingers for playing or pausing music and > or < for previous or next track. For activating the option, navigate to Settings>>Gestures under the 'Device' section and turn on the necessary toggle.

Battery Saver

The OxegenOS come with a Battery saver mode pre-installed. Activating the mode will help you save battery life by reducing device performance, limiting vibration, location service and most background data. The feature also lets you turn on the option automatically when there is only 5 percent or 15 percent battery is available. Navigate to Settings>>Battery under the 'Device' option and click on the top left menu, which appears as three consecutive horizontal dots and choose Battery Saver. You can change the activate option by clicking on turn on automatically option.

User Profiles

In OnePlus 2,  you can set multiple user profiles with separate authentications. For instance, you can create a profile for your children so that they can't uninstall any apps, or make any phone calls while using the device. For activating the option, navigate to Settings>>Users under the Device tab and click on Add User and follow the onscreen instructions.