Even though the Kerala unit of the CPI-M is known to take up the cause of women and children, but the plight of a 22-year-old woman leader of the Student's Federation of India, has failed to move Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, police chief and the Child Welfare Committee, whom she has approached to get back her child.

The 22-year-old woman Anupama, who hails from the state capital city, is the daughter of a local CPI-M leader Jayachandran and she fell in love with the youth wing leader of the party -- Ajith, a Dalit Christian, who was already married.

Anupama's parents were not keen on the alliance of their daughter as they were Hindus. In October last year, Anupama gave birth to a boy after undergoing a caesarean surgery. Speaking to the media, Anupama said soon after the delivery, the child was taken away from her.

Pinarayi Vijayan
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"Since I was bedridden due to the surgery, I could put up very little resistance. My father was very angry and my mother consoled me to wait a while for the child, as it would be given back after my sister got married," said Anupama.

Incidentally, her husband got legally separated from his first wife in January this year and Anupama and Ajith now live together.

It was in April this year, Anupama approached the local police with a complaint that her child is missing and since then she has complained to the State Police chief, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and to the Child Welfare Committee.

"At times they (parents) say the child is at Trissur, while a relative of mine said the child is in Tamil Nadu," said Anupama. "We want our child back and nothing else is what we want," added Anupama.

While Anupama has been knocking on all doors, the silence of authorities and even the party, which claims to be succour of the victimised, has baffled many.