The video of a violent penguin fight for winning the love of a female penguin goes viral on Twitter. [Representational image]Reuters

Wooh! And we thought it's just humans and a few other species that quarrel over the prettiest selections. And we least imagined what a penguin would do when he comes back home and finds his wife with another penguin guy!

Well, not only you, a whole lot of netizens were shocked to see a video showing a violent feud between two male penguins for a female penguin. The fight started when the husband caught his wife red-handed with another male penguin.

The husband's homecoming turned out to be heartbreaking and ugly, but he thought of giving a last try to win his disloyal wife back. The furious husband initiated a battle with the other penguin, which was really brutal as the penguins aimed at gouging each other's eyeballs out! Take a look at what really happened:

The video was shared by Nat Geo Channel's official Twitter page and it went viral while fetching a crazy number of retweets and likes. The viewers went gaga over this sad instance of the loyal husband being dumped by his wife who opted for the other penguin. The wounded husband penguin had no other options but to leave his wife with her new lover and bear the heartbreak along with all the bloody scars he got.

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