Ivan Vera Mathiri Poster (Twitter/Vikram Prabhu)
Ivan Vera Mathiri PosterTwitter/Vikram Prabhu

Vikram Prabhu's "Ivan Vera Mathiri" (or "Ivan Veramathiri") has received positive reviews from critics. [Also Read: "Ivan Vera Mathiri" Collections]

Directed by Saravanan of "Engeyum Eppodhum" fame, "Ivan Vera Mathiri" is a gripping thriller that has all commercial elements including action, romance and comedy.

The film's story is about an ordinary individual turning into a vigilante to fight against injustice. Vikram Prabhu appears in the role of a visual communication graduate who is on the hunt for a job. Newcomer Surabhi plays the female lead role, while other cast members include Vamsi Krishna, Ganesh Venkatraman and Hari Rajan.

"Ivan Vera Mathiri" music is composed by Sathya and editing is done by Sreekar Prasad. Shakthi has handled the film's cinematography.

Critics have appreciated director Saravanan for coming out with a gripping film. While the film's story is predicable, the director has brought uniqueness in his presentation, say the critics. They have also appreciated the performances of the main actors in the film including Vikram Prabhu, Surabhi and Vamsi Krishna.

Although the film's screenplay slows down in some places, it does not come as a shortfall, according to critics.

Here is the review roundup of "Ivan Veram Mathiri"

Indiaglitz says, "Saravanan is known to make his stories gripping and racy. With Sakthi and Srikar Prasad for technical expertise, the director has re-established his name in the tinsel town with 'Ivan Veramathiri'. The film's screenplay slows down at places, but that is not entirely a shortfall."

"What is slightly disappointing is the logical continuity that takes a hit at a few places on screen. In this predominantly predictable story, there are only little twists and bends here and there, still adhering to the same thread of story."

According to Behindwoods Review Board, "Saravanan takes up the opening moments to set up the premise effectively for the audience to buy into an ordinary individual turning into a vigilante. The scenario and the dialogues which touch a nerve with the audience play their part in establishing the film's agenda. Some of it is almost Shankar-esque."

Rajiv Menon of Desimartini says, "Although 'Ivan Vera Mathiri' is an out-and-out commercial outing like any other recent Tamil film, it manages to slightly impress with an engaging but little lengthy screenplay."

"'IVM' could have been shorter, needed taut narration minus the love story. Nevertheless, it manages to entertain and make you have your heart in your mouths in a scene or two," he says.

According to Sify, "Director Saravanan after the brilliant Engeyum Eppothum is not in his elements in the thriller genre, where he wants to show the nexus between the politician and currupt education system. However, he is able to keep the audience spellbound in the last 15 minutes of the film which is electrifying."

S Saraswathi of Rediff says, "The plot of the film seems to have been taken from the Chennai Ambedkar Law College violence that happened a few years ago. The film starts brilliantly but does not maintain the suspense or pace. It picks up pace in the second half, but some of the scenes are too cinematic."