Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay can End Manchester United's Arjen Robben Woes

In the 2003-04 transfer season, the star Dutch winger, Arjen Robben slipped out of United's hands and they could never get him back after that. But now as Memphis Depay who's being termed as the successor of Robben, United will surely not let him go off the radar. Apr 2, 2015

Infosys Breaks Convention, Delays Q4 Results

India's second largest software services firm Infosys has broken its usual practice of kicking off the quarterly corporate earnings season, by delaying declaration of its Q4 results. Apr 2, 2015
Subway Zombie Prank by Silvio Santos Program

Zombies in Train, Woman Passes Out; Is Silvio Santos Program Prank Too Cruel? [VIDEO]

Zombies prowled into a subway train that stopped on an apparently deserted station amid lights going off and on, frightening several women commuters. One woman possibly passed out when zombies swarmed over her. It was just a prank carried out by popular Brazilian television hidden camera show Silvio Santos Program on Sunday. Apr 2, 2015