i.am  EPs
Will.i.am's EPs Bluetooth earphones are for the rich and will be sold exclusively through Apple.Apple Media Kit

Better known for his work with the band Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am also has a finger in the device market. His brand, i.am+, recently launched a new pair of vinyl-disc-inspired Bluetooth earphones called the EP, which can be purchased only through Apple.

Will.i.am being the kind of guy who charges customers in excess of $400 for an iPhone case hasn't priced the EPs competitively. Carrying a $229.95 price tag, the earphones look good in its two colour options: black and black-gold. They definitely look a lot better than the iPhone case/camera the i.am+ foto.sosho.

The earbuds are modeled after the Apple Ear Pods, which are housed behind a pair of gold or black coin-sized, vinyl-esqe grooved discs. The earphones are reported to offer "superior surround sound and deep bass," and the built-in in-line mic/remote allows users to attend calls as well as talk to Siri.

The earphones reportedly come with the engraved messages "right and wrong" and "left and gone" behind the earpieces that ensure that the right earpiece is inserted into the right ear. They also play an audio recording of Will.i.am's voice when powered on or paired with a device.

The earphones are powered by 14mm drivers and the Li-ion battery are good for eight hours of playing time. Packaged in a limited-edition box with a "special lifestyle booklet custom-made by will.i.am," the earphones follow two new wearables developed by the artist.

Will.i.am had also launched the Puls and the Dial, two wearables that, like the EPs, don't look half bad, which when compared to his $700,000 automobile, the IAMAUTO, is a huge complement.

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