Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett, founder of Berkshire Hathaway. (File picture)Reuters

Billionaire Warren Buffet, a well-known Hillary Clinton supporter, has told a major US TV netowrk that the country must "coalesce" around the president-elect Donal Trump.

Buffet told CNN that the 2016 election was "like no other I've ever seen" in more than 50 years as a voter.

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway acknowledged that both the Democratic and Republican nominees had a large number of "negative voters"—or people casting ballots for one candidate in opposition to the other.

That said, he called on the fractured public to come together behind Trump.

Buffett cited the aftermath of another bitter White House race — Republican George W. Bush's win over Democrat Al Gore in 2000 — as an example of how Americans should "coalesce" behind the newly-elected president. The outcome became official after a hotly contested Supreme Court battle over presidential votes in Florida.

"The whole country went back to work," said Buffett.

Clinton won his support because he felt the former secretary of state had the better personal temperament for the job, said Buffett.

Buffet, however, told CNN he hoped Trump would prove to be a good president. Trump seemed to tap into widespread US resentment over a wide and growing wealth disparity across the US, said Buffett.

Many people are not enjoying prosperity from the growing U.S. economy because they can't find jobs, he said.

However, Buffett voiced skepticism about some of Trump's campaign claims about jump-starting the economy into faster growth.

"Nobody can grow the economy 4% in real terms over time," said Buffett. "The math is too extraordinary."

Buffet gave outgoing President Barack Obama top grades on his economic management, saying that Obama "put [the economy] back on the tracks and got it going again" after it was derailed by the 2008 financial crisis.

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