• Poonam Pandey announces her upcoming film 'Helen' and releases its posterVarinder Chawla
  • Poonam Pandey announces her film 'Helen' during World CupVarinder Chawla
  • Vipin Medhekar, Suresh Nakum and Ajit Rajpal cheer while Poonam Pandey cuts the World Cup cake for cheering IndiaVarinder Chawla

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Actress Poonam Pandey has always made headlines during World Cup matches and this time too is no different.

Making her excitement evident, the actress revealed her plans on Wednesday in Mumbai. Poonam announced her upcoming film "Helen" and unveiled the film's poster. "Helen" is written and directed by Ajit Rajpal and produced by Suresh Nakum and Vipin Medhekar under the banner of The World Networks.

"Helen is what I want to offer the world and it is a great script by Ajit Rajpal who had written Nasha for me earlier," she said.

"Helen is the first of the three films we are producing this year under our The World Networks banner."

The actress grabbed the limelight when she promised to strip if the Indian team won the WC 2011. However, her plans fell apart when she was slammed by the moral police. 

This time she announced her film as her way to celebrate the tournament and even cut a World Cup cake at the event.

"I am very much excited about today's event. I have always celebrated World Cup like Diwali. I was silent since long because I wanted to announce my next film Helen during the World Cup," she said.

When asked if the film was a biopic on legendary actress/dancer Helen, Poonam said that the film was in no way related to Salman Khan's step mother. 

Check out the above slideshow of Poonam at the event.

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