Donna has returned to Harvey as of "Suits" Season 5 Episode 11
Donna has returned to Harvey as of "Suits" Season 5 Episode 11Facebook/Suits

As fans of "Suits" already know, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) has returned to work for Harvey (Gabriel Macht) as Gibbs (Leslie Hope) continues to double down on Mike (Patrick J Adams). Although there is still no answer to "Who sold Mike out?," it looks like a new mystery will popped up on "Suits" Season 5 Episode 12 "Live to Fight."

From Mike's fiancée Rachel (Meghan Markle) to his boss Jessica's (Gina Torres) ex-boyfriend Jeff Malone (DB Woodside), there are quite a few suspects as to who exposed Mike's secret. In a promo for the upcoming "Live to Fight," Donna has been brought in for interrogation by Gibbs, but as fans know, the tough secretary is not one to break quickly.

After the notably short interrogation, Gibbs walks Donna out of the room, but clarifies that the only reason she is doing this is so she can see Donna's face when she sees the face of the person in the other room. Gibbs did not oversell the reaction, because Donna's face is awash with shock and surprise when the promo ends.

Considering the long list of people that have a vendetta against Harvey, there are many people whose presence could have elicited the reaction from Donna. However, most fans believe that the person could be Donna's ex-boyfriend from across the pond, Stephen Huntly (Max Beesley), who was incarcerated after he was put on a murder trial.

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Subscribers to this fan theory believe that he could have struck a deal and gotten out of prison by offering to help put Mike behind the bars. After all, he is waiting for payback, and knew that his then-girlfriend has a special relationship with her boss, and has worked in the firm. He could have very well found out the truth about Mike.

However, the flaw in the theory is that if he knew about it, why didn't he go after Mike with a fraud allegation as soon as he could? Moreover, Gabriel Macht has already revealed that the person that sold Mike out is someone that has appeared in every single season of the show. That definitely does not help anyone narrow list of suspects down, considering Trevor (Tom Lipinski), Dana (Abigail Spencer), Travis (Eric Close), Harold (Max Topplin) and everyone in the regular cast have all appeared in all five seasons of "Suits".

Moreover, "Suits" creator Aaron Korsh told during a Q&A that whoever sold Mike out did it because it was the right thing to do, not because he or she had a vendetta against Mike or Harvey or even Pearson Specter Litt.

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