"Quantico" has been busy piling evidence against Caleb Haas aka Mark Raymond (Graham Rogers), but we believe this is yet another classic misdirection on the part of the showrunners. The upcoming episode will see Alex (Priyanka Chopra) interrogating Senator Haas (Marcia Cross) about where she has hidden her son, making fans, along with Alex, believe that the senator and her son are behind the attacks.

Back in "Quantico," Liam (Josh Hopkins) lets the intern take tests to prove that they are in the prime physically. Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) is back at the training centre and he certainly has some ill feelings towards Alex, which meanwhile is busy flirting with Drew (Lenny Platt).

In the present, Alex tracks down the senator and tells her that she wants to speak with Caleb. She also reveals what she knows about Caleb's alter ego Mark Raymond, insinuating that Senator Haas is hiding Mark Raymond who "rented four safety deposit boxes... at the building that became the emergency command centre right after Grand Central."

Haas reminds Alex that she is aware of the building that blew up her own husband. Alex tells Haas that someone used the same name to rent out a car that was used to kidnap a former FBI agent. Haas refuses to believe her son is the terrorist and declares that once she proves her son's innocence, Alex will be sorry for the accusation.

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This promo has split the fans into two major groups, one which claims that Haas is the master mind behind the attacks and is hiding her son so he will not reveal the truth to anyone else. The other group maintains that Caleb is actually the terrorist.

However, we believe that in true "Quantico" fashion, both these theories will be debunked soon enough. The promo for the upcoming "Soon" shows Shelby has is more involved in the attacks than previously anticipated. In fact, she could have been the true master mind behind the attacks. Since her voice would not sound like the voice on the phone after modulation, it is safe to assume that she is not working alone.

Watch Season 1 episode 18 of "Quantico" at 10 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, April 17. You can also live-stream "Soon" via ABC Go!