The events that transpire at Rosewood are always mysterious, dangerous and romantic. So of course the second half of Season 6 takes place at the same town which is home to the liars. When Season 6B of "Pretty Little Liars" premieres on Freeform, we will find the friends in a town that seems to have extreme gravitational pull. However, the plot of Season 6B includes moments of horror and fear, emotions that shake Aria (Lucy Hale), Alison (Sasha Pieterse), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer to their core.

In the Season 6B premiere of "Pretty Little Liars", the first few minutes invite fans to view a reunion of sorts. All five friends pursue careers outside Rosewood (except Alison of course) and return to after a five-year time jump.

Aria works as an assistant editor at a publishing house and is fond of her boyfriend Liam, who also works with her. While the two share a close professional and personal relationship, the story introduces one person who threatens it. Aria meets her ex-boyfriend Ezra Fritz (Ian Harding). After the five-year time jump, Ezra is at the lowest point in his life. Although he has published a novel and is working on his second, his situation forces Aria to be his friend and maybe a little more.

Will she step into a relationship and relive the memories of her past, or will she move on and embrace the present?

Elsewhere in the episode, the liars are called to testify at Charlotte DiLaurentis's (A) hearing in court. In the promo for Season 6B premiere released by ABC Family, Alison writes letters to all four of her friends and asks them for give five minutes of their time. 

In another Season 6B trailer, Spencer reveals Alison asks them to lie in court. Ali tells her friends to say they are not afraid of her sister Charlotte, but none of them are happy to lie under oath. What will happen at the hearing? This is a question that remains to be answered in Season 6 Episode 11.   

The synopsis of Season 6B winter premiere, titled "Of Late I think of Rosewood", reads:

The ladies return to Rosewood after five years when they are summoned by a court to attend a hearing about A.

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 6B premiere (Season 6 Episode 11) airs on Tuesday, 12 January, at 8 pm on Freeform. You can live-stream the episode via this link.