In the latest episode of NBC's "Chicago Fire" titled "A Taste of Panama City," Chief Boden's job is under question as he worked on wrong information in an investigation.

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According to Carter Matt, an internal investigation in the aftermath of a complicated call to a fire will put Boden in a difficult position. Because they are unable to help their leader, members of the firehouse are visibly frustrated with the turn of events.

In the mean time, Lieutenant Severide is annoyed for getting a smaller position, especially in the presence of his new commanding officer Captain Patterson. Elsewhere, fire fighters are having their own problems. Dawson realises the work is getting too boring and tries to come out with some new strategies.

Casey is determined to find a crucial piece of evidence while investigating against Nesbitt. Hermann tries to manage his domestic life, but without much success, as he struggles to keep peace with his new neighbours.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Matt Olmstead explained Severide's struggles and the new events that are going to take place between Casey and Dawson. He said that Kinney's character was actually thinking of going into another firehouse and starting fresh while Severide's pride was trampled on when a new guy showed up questioning his and Boden's leadership.

"That's his dilemma going forward with the Brian White character in terms of working under somebody and the embarrassment of being demoted. How bad do I want it to work my way back?"

Olmstead also said that Dawson will move over to arson investigation due to unexpected pregnancy and Casey will grow close to her due to her condition.

'Chicago Fire' season 4 episode 2 titled 'A Taste of Panama City' will air on NBC on 20 October.