• Revellers take part in a Zombie Walk in Asbury Park, New Jersey on 4 October 2014.Reuters
  • Zombie Wedding CoupleReuters
  • A reveller in Zombie attireReuters
  • A child takes part in a Zombie WalkReuters
  • Revellers made their costumes in a creative way to depict zombiesReuters
  • Walking Dead on New Jersey streetsReuters
  • A child took part in Zombie Walk in New JerseyReuters
  • A baby coming out of womb like this can scare anybodyReuters

Thousands, dressed in zombie attires, walked the roads of Absury Park, New Jersey to celebrate the 7th Annual Zombie Walk on Saturday.

Zombie Walk is basically a public gathering, in which people dress up in zombie costumes, for entertainment or for charity.

The event witnessed 9,592 walking dead last year, making their place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest gathering of zombies in the world.

Apart from the entertainment angle, the world is apparently facing a 'real' zombie situation. The Ebola zombie stories went viral all over the internet last week, raising fears all over the world.

The real zombies are scary but the event in the US is not just for fun. This year, participants helped for the cause of brain cancer in children.

Check out the slideshow of Zombie Walk.

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