Watch the Royal Family arrive in Canada for official visit with children

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in Canada on Saturday. They were accompanied by their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte - the first time the siblings are taking part in an official visit to Canada.They were welcomed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire, in British Columbia and will stay for a week. 9 days ago

Hillary Clinton: I didnt want to stop

US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told a press conference on 15 September that she sought to power through pneumonia and that only a few people knew she was ill. The Democrat nominee nearly collapsed at a memorial ceremony on 11 September, leading to concerns for her health and her ability to run for president. 18 days ago

UK storms cause flash flooding and travel delays

Heavy downpours across the UK have caused flash flooding and disrupted commuters on 15 September. The video shows two cars trapped under a railway bridge at Ruslip Manor in London, and the weather has also caused a train to become derailed near Watford Junction after rainfall had caused a landslide. 18 days ago

Dust devils spotted at Burning Man festival

Dust devils swirled in the desert surrounding Nevada’s Burning Man music festival in Black Rock Desert which came to an end on 5 September after a week of celebrations that began on 28 August. 24 days ago

La Tomatina festival hosts crowds of around 22,000 tomato throwers

Some 22,000 people gathered for the La Tomatina festival to participate in a mass tomato fight in Bunol. The festival started with trucks full of tomatoes entering the town, with festival goers then showered with tomatoes and encouraged to take part in the fight. The event ended an hour and a half later with no major injuries reported. Sep 1, 2016

Southern Rail: South East commuter chaos explained

Southern Rail has come under increased scrutiny in recent months due to rising numbers of cancellations and delays to services. On 11 July, they implemented an emergency timetable, which cancelled 341 trains a day. Jul 11, 2016

Explore the Snow Laden Horizons of Nepal

The Himalayas 'Abode of the Snow'are on every travel enthusiast's ultimate check list. Every year hundreds of trekkers, mountaineers, pilgrims visit the vast expanse to explore and experience nature's wonders. Mar 26, 2014