Six times real life has caught up with Hollywood sci-fi films

From hoverboards and flying cars, to nuclear holocausts and human extinction, Hollywood sci-fi films have been trying to predict the future for years. In honour of Blade Runner android Leon Kowalski’s inception day on 10 April 2017, heres a run down six of the most famous times real life has caught up with classic science fiction movies. Apr 12, 2017

Outrageously transphobic moments in films and TV

Trans representation on-screen is now improving – but there have been setbacks. From Friends to Family Guy, here are some of the most outrageous moments of transphobia ever seen in mainstream TV and films. Mar 30, 2017

Hollywood vs Trump: Celebs use award show speeches to slam US president

Since US president Donald Trump was elected in November 2016, many Hollywood celebrities have made no secret of their dislike for the controversial Republican. High profile actors ranging from Meryl Streep to Ashton Kutcher have used award ceremonies such as the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards as their platform to slam the new administration. Ahead of the Oscars on 26 February, arguably the biggest awards show of all, IBTimes UK has rounded up some of the most famous and passionate rants against Trump since he took office. Feb 21, 2017