17 mummies from Greco-Roman period discovered in Egypt

At least 17 mummies have been discovered in an ancient burial site in Egypt. The crypt lies eight meters below ground and was detected using radar. It contains sarcophagi, several baboon coffins and papyrus scrolls. The mummies are believed to be from the Greco-Roman period starting in 332 BC.Egypt hopes the discovery will spark a renewed interest in the country as a tourist destination. 15 days ago

Footage of man who illegally climbed Egypts Great Pyramid of Giza

A Turkish student who filmed himself climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt got in trouble with authorities. Faith Kömurcü was detained by police after scaling the historic structure on 16 January. The 23-year-old told The Great Middle East that he “could not restrain himself” from climbing the pyramid, which is part of a Unesco World Heritage Site. He was released by police on the condition he deleted all pictures and videos from his illegal ascent. Jan 25, 2017