Dell XPS 12 - The Convertible Ultrabook - Video Review

This is an ultrabook, that also attempts to offer the flexibility of a tablet. As an ultrabook, this device is fantastic. As for the attempt at being a tablet, not so much. But a rather interesting idea nonetheless. Jan 7, 2013

Microsoft Expected to Unveil Xbox 720 at E3 in June: Report

American Software giant Microsoft has reportedly dropped a hint regarding the possible launch of the next generation gaming console, Xbox 720, at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), an international video games exhibition to be held in June. Jan 6, 2013

Byond Releases Android Based Mi-Book Mi7 Tablet, Priced ₹10,999

The tablet maker Byond Tech has to chalk out a strategy to face the market leader Samsung which holds 23.9 percent, followed by Micromax with 15.3 percent. Aakash maker DataWind holds 12.3 percent market share. And rest of the Indian tablet market is shared by more than 130 companies. Jan 5, 2013

Aakash 3 with SIM Card Slot to Debut in India Next Year

The third version of Indian-made tablet PC Aakash is all set to become a truly mobile device next year. Aakash-3 will feature a SIM-card slot to make the tablet PC more desirable to tech savy Indians and young adults alike. Dec 30, 2012

WickedLeak Wammy Sensation - Video Review

For Rs. 16,000 the WickedLeak Wammy Sensation is quite an impressive device. The battery life is good, display is large and comfortable to use but the audio output is quite poor. There are budget smartphones out there with better raw performance but one cool feature of the Sensation is that it offers users a second battery straight out of the box. For people used to using budget devices, the fact that it looks like a Samsung Galaxy S III clone is an added bonus. On the downside, the device is plagued with the occasional hang found on all budget devices. Do you think this is the device for you? Watch our review and find out! Dec 28, 2012

Micromax Canvas 2 A110 - Video Review

The look and build of the Micromax Canvas 2 A100 is very good. The power under the hood too is good to run all the apps. In its raw performance, there are better performing devices available out there but to the everyday users, you will not notice the difference. It also comes preloaded with its own app store in addition to the Google Play store. The preloaded theme may be too vibrant for some but that can be changed with ease. The only downside to the device is that the display resolution isn’t the best for viewing videos and playing games. Is the A110 worthy of becoming your first phablet? Watch our video review and find out! Dec 27, 2012