Samsung Series 5 Touch Ultrabook - Video Review

As an ultrabook, the Series 5 builds on what the previous edition offered, with the added touchscreen for Windows 8. But, do you really want to pay a sort of premium for that extra feature? If yes, this is a conventional ultrabook that does not disappoint. Feb 14, 2013

Lava Xolo X500 - First Impressions

The Intel Atom Z2420 'Lexington'-based Lava Xolo X500 has made its way to our lab and after having spent some time with it, and running the gamut of benchmarks, here are our first impressions. Feb 13, 2013

Canon PowerShot G15 - Video Review

Continuing the lineage of power and performance that has come to define the G series of Canon's PowerShot lineup, the G15 is Canon's newest addition to their portfolio. The camera brings with it many changes in ergonomics when compared to the G12, It also packs very impressive optics and a really fast AF system, but do these individual feature make the G15 a well rounded camera for all-round shooting? Feb 6, 2013

HTC Butterfly - Video Review

Looking at the specs, this should be called the Hulk. If you can come to terms with the price tag, the performance is nothing short of explosive. Feb 1, 2013

Nokia Lumia 820 - Video Review

All the attention was grabbed by the Lumia 920, but the Lumia 820 could be a device you can consider. The lower resolution display aside, we are impressed with the phone. Feb 1, 2013

Acer Iconia B1 - Video Review

Acer has entered the budget tablet market with the launch of the Icona B1. We have just got our hands on the device. Before we bring you the review, we though we___d give you a quick tour of what the tablet has to offer in our first impressions of the device. Feb 1, 2013