• Katie Leclrec who plays Daphne and Ryan Lane who plays Travis in 'Swicthed at Birth'.Twitter/Switched at Birth
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  • Lizzy Weiss with Katie and Adam who plays MingoTwitter/ Lizzy Weiss
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  • Regina, Mingo and Travis at table readtwitter/Constance Marie
  • Behind the scenes with Lucas Grabeel and Ryan LaneTwitter/ switched at birth

Fans of ABC family drama "Switched at Birth" are still reeling from the terrible break-up between Bay and Emmett, but the cast and crew of the show seem to be having the time of their lives while shooting for the second half of Season 4 that comes out in summer.

Although there was a lot of trepidation regarding the renewal of "Switched at Birth", show's creator Lizzy Weizz tweeted, "It's not over till it's over," hoping to ease down the withdrawal symptoms of many. However, it is with the arrival of April that the good news has been confirmed.

On 9 April, the official account of "Switched At Birth" tweeted:"Today is the BEST Thursday ever because... the #SwitchedatBirth cast starts filming TODAY! #SoExcited". Even Constance Marie, who plays Regina in the ABC show posted, "So excited! on my way to MY first day back on #SwitchedAtBirth It's like the 1st day of school! well, more like the 1st day of Season 4 B!"

However, the table read began on 6 April as announced by Ryan Lane, who plays Travis in the ABC show.

Weiss also teased the fans that Mingo (Adam Hagenbuch), who plays a romantic interest of Daphne , will definitely be back for the summer and that we will get to see a lot more him than we did in the first half of Season 4. Austin Cauldwell, who plays Josh Padden, is also expected to be back for the second half of Season 4.

Weiss also said that the second half will have some of the "most compelling (and controversial stories)" and that on 10 April, "We are shooting a surreal (and slightly insane) scene tonite. Saving BTS photos till after we air to explain how we did it. #SwitchedatBirth".

Weizz has also revealed the names of the first two episodes from the upcoming story arch to be "To Repel Ghosts" and "How Does a Girl Like You Become a Girl Like You?"

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