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The name Sammy Griner may not ring a bell, but almost all netizens have at least once come across the photo of this super-confident toddler making a victory face -- that's Sammy.

Now eight-years old, Sammy from Jacksonville, Florida, became an internet sensation and recognised more as the "Success Kid" after his mother Laney Griner posted his photo on Flickr in 2007. The viral photo was clicked by his father Justin on a beach.

The then 11-month-old boy's photo has since been used for thousands of positive memes representing determination and success, which have gone viral on social media.

'Success Kid' Sammy Griner's Viral Memes

Now, the boy has hit the headlines once again after his mother started a campaign to raise funds for her 39-year-old husband's kidney transplantation. The campaign, which was aimed at collecting $75k, received an overwhelming response and the woman has raised nearly $80,213. The fund was raised within six days thanks to the popularity of "Success Kid"!

Justin, who was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2006, spends nearly four hours a day, three days a week at dialysis even as the family awaits a suitable donor for him.

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