"Star Wars Battlefront," the shooter video game from publisher EA, is all set to receive a new server side update that will improve and better its gameplay.

The official forum post of "Star Wars Battlefront" noted that the update will be applicable to PC, PS4 and Xbox One and warned of server fluctuations for about 10 minutes during its release.

The post also carried the patch notes of the upcoming update. It noted that the update will be fixing players getting stuck in lobby, who are unable to join as the teams are unbalanced. This mostly happened in cases where one team drops from the game and there are more than two players on one side.

(Heroes vs. Villains)The update will see that the user would not be able to get invisible UI if staying in or just joining a lobby when a round ends and new heroes are appointed. The update will see to it that the game will do nothing if a player who was appointed a hero fails to become one as he/she has quit the game during the hero selection process.

(Heroes) Dengar will no longer do insane damage to Luke Skywalker using his Explosive Rush and Hurricane Strike

(Outer Rim) Heroes vs. Villains in the playlist will be best out of 5 rounds, no longer 3

(General) The pre-round timer is increased from 30 to 60 seconds

(Bespin) AT-AT health decreased on Cloud City

It also changed the frequency of game modes appearing in the playlist – two rounds of Sabotage will now be played every other round (similar to Extraction on Outer Rim); increased the frequency of the level Carbon-Freezing Chamber appearing and decreased the frequency of the level Cloud City appearing.

The post also shared the server update release schedule for "Star Wars Battlefront":


When: June 27, 2016

PC 09:00 UTC (2:00 AM PT/5:00 AM ET)

PS4 09:30 UTC (2:30 AM PT/5:30 AM ET)

Xbox One 10:00 UTC (3:00 AM PT/6:00 AM ET)