Italy: Protesters rally against governments Fertility Day campaign

People have rallied against the governments new Fertility Day campaign which encourages people to have children while they can. The campaign has been called both racist and sexist and people are saying that the government should focus on economic struggles and the children that people already have. The campaign has also been accused of being racist after another poster depicted two white couples next to the caption: proper lifestyle for the prevention of sterility and infertility contrasted against a hooded multi-ethnic group smoking on the street captioned: the bad companions to leave behind. Sep 22, 2016

Six-year-old US boy offers home to Syrian child refugee in letter to President Obama

Six-year-old Alex from New York sent a letter to US President Barack Obama asking Syrian refugee Omran Daqneesh to come and live with him. Footage of the bloodied five-year-old boy emerged earlier in 2016, after he was dragged from a destroyed building in Aleppo. In his letter to the White House, Alex offers to share his bike and toys with Daqneesh, and said he would teach him addition and subtraction. A clip of Alex reading his letter has now gone viral, and has been viewed over four million times on Facebook. Sep 22, 2016