Pakistan: CCTV footage captures deadly bus explosion

CCTV footage showed the moment a bus carrying government employees exploded in Peshawar on 16 March, killing at least 15. The footage was filmed off the security monitor of a shop located near the blast site The explosion took place on a main road after the bus picked up government workers from districts surrounding Peshawar and was transporting them to work in the city. Mar 16, 2016

Colombia: Violence erupts in Bogota as taxi drivers lead Uber protest

More than a dozen people were arrested in Bogota on 14 March, after a protest against the ride-sharing app Uber turned violent, clogging streets in the Colombian capital as riot police responded with tear gas. Thousands of taxi drivers marched on downtown Bogota, creating congestion in the bustling capital city. Tensions frayed with vehicles being attacked, and riot police moved in – four of whom were injured. Mar 15, 2016