Theresa May and Angela Merkel meet for bilateral talks

UK Prime Minister Theresa May met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss freedom of movement between EU countries as well as partnerships with Africa and the worldwide economy. Speaking at a press conference both Merkel and May pointed out that the leaders were not meeting to discuss Brexit in detail because the decision of Britain to leave the European Union was accepted by Germany. 21 days ago

British taxpayers to fund huge £369m refurbishment of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace requires urgent repair work costing tax payers £369m. The refurbishment is expected to take 10 years during which the Queen will remain in residence. An independent survey warned of a risk of serious damage should repairs be delayed.The refurbishment is also supposed to “future-proof” the palace for the next 50 years. The repairs will be funded by increasing the Sovereign Grant from 15% to 25%. 21 days ago

Inside the worlds biggest Lego store, which has just opened in London

Fans queued up outside the world’s largest Lego store for its opening in London’s Leicester Square on 12 November. London Mayor Sadiq Khan was presented with a Lego model of the London skyline at the opening as well as a mosaic portrait of his face. The store wants to offer interactive experiences for children and adults. Customers can create their very own Lego portrait after having their face scanned 21 days ago