South Koreas dog meat trade to be debated in UK parliament

British MPs are set to discuss South Koreas dog-meat factory farms in a Westminster Hall debate on 12 September. The first Parliament debate on Asias dog meat trade was held in November 2015, however, South Korea was not a focus, despite the fact that it is the only country in Asia that breeds dogs specifically for human consumption. Sep 5, 2016

Barack Obama says Colin Kaepernick is exercising his constitutional right

Kaepernick sat down during his team the San Francisco 49ers pre-game singing of the national anthem on 26 August in a silent protest against the oppression of minorities, and he has since kneeled during another pre-game anthem. US president Barack Obama has defended Colin Kaepernicks decision not to stand for the national anthem, stating the American football player was exercising his constitutional right. Sep 5, 2016