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2G scam: JPC report adopted, BJP says black day in Indian democracy

New Delhi, Sept 27 (ANI): The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Friday adopted its controversial draft report on the 2G spectrum allocation case which gave a clean chit to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister P Chidambaram. Sixteen members voted in favour of the report and 11 against the report. Terming it as a black day in Indian democracy, BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said that BJP will present a serious dissent note on this. Sep 27, 2013
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Economy on ICU, Rupee on ventilator and Dollar on escalator: Rajnath Singh

Chennai, Sep 27 (ANI): Slamming the Congress party, BJP President Rajnath Singh on Friday said that due to the wrong policies of the UPA government, the economy is on ICU, Rupee is on ventilator and Dollar is on escalator proving fatal for the country. Further, Singh said that UPA government is clueless as to how to pull the country out of this crisis. He also slammed the party for its inability to safeguard the fishermen of the country and for being influenced under US pressure for diluting the nuclear liability bill. Sep 27, 2013
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Shutdown in Jammu following militant attack

Jammu, Sep 27 (ANI): Jammu city, the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir state witnessed a complete shutdown on Friday in wake of the attack by militants at Harinagar police station and Army base camp in Samba district. The call for shutdown was given by the Bharatiya Janata Party and was supported by Jammu chamber of Commerce and industries. All shops, business establishments remained shut. Meanwhile, members of the BJP youth wing also held a protest against the attacks and said that the security lapses by the government led to the occurrence. Sep 27, 2013
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India to discuss cross border militancy with US

Washington, Sep 27 (ANI): India's envoy to US, Nirupama Rao said on Thursday that New Delhi would raise the issue of cross-border militancy at the meeting between Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh and President Barrack Obama in the White House. The issue topped India's agenda for the meeting in the wake of an attack by militants on a police station and an army base camp on Thursday that killed at least nine in Kashmir. India would discuss with US about the activities of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Hafiz Saeed, who had masterminded 2008 Mumbai attack. Sep 27, 2013
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Right to Reject: Political parties will be forced to nominate less tainted candidates, says N Gopala

Chennai, Sep 27 (ANI): After Supreme Court on Friday directed the Election Commission to provide a button on voting machines to allow voters to reject all candidates contesting an election, Former Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami said that the ruling will force the political parties to nominate such candidates who are less controversial and supports less tainted records. Gopalaswami also said that this will increase the percentage of people who turn up to vote. Sep 27, 2013
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SC gives citizens right to reject all candidates in Polls

New Delhi, Sep 27 (ANI): The Supreme Court, in a landmark judgement on Friday gave the citizens of India the right to reject all candidates in elections. The Supreme Court directed the Election Commission to provide a button on voting machines to allow voters to reject all candidates. Petitioner___s lawyer Sanjay Parikh dubbed the ruling as a positive change and said that this would give political parties a message that they should not elect a candidate with tainted records. Sep 27, 2013