Peer Steinbruck facing uphill struggle against Angela Merkel

Peer Steinbruck, the Social-Democrat candidate in the running to be chancellor of Germany in the country's forthcoming elections, faces a formidable challenge from the current leader, Angela Merkel, who remains highly popular. An economist with a reputation for plain speaking, Steinbruck's critics see him as awkward and arrogant, with little chance of victory. Duration: 02:19. Sep 10, 2013

Kerry: US won't 'wait for long' Syria arms plan

The United States is waiting to see a Russian proposal to put Syria's chemical weapons stock under international control, but will not wait for long, top diplomat John Kerry said Tuesday. Duration: 01:14 Sep 10, 2013

Exodus of Hungarian doctors jeopardises Hungary's healthcare

Hungarian doctors are well known for their hardworking attitude and dedication, but low wages and poor funding mean thousands are leaving the country to earn better salaries abroad, leaving their own country's healthcare system floundering. Duration: 02:36. Sep 10, 2013

Iranian foreign ministry rejects Syria intervention

Iran's first female government spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, Marzieh Afkham, spoke to reporters today in Tehran during the weekly ministry press conference. Afkham said that military action against Syria would only escalate the crisis. Duration: 00:37 Sep 10, 2013

Rent hikes push Myanmar's poor into homelessness

Soaring rents in Myanmar's commercial capital Yangon have seen hundreds of poor families shunted from their homes, forcing them to turn to charity as their last buffer from life on the streets. Duration: 02:15. Sep 10, 2013

Syria 'agrees' to Russian plan for chemical weapons

Moscow is currently in talks with Damascus to develop a "concrete plan" for the Syrian regime to hand over its chemical weapons arsenal, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday. Duration: 01:53 Sep 10, 2013

Four guilty of bus gang rape that sickened India

An Indian court convicts four men of the gang rape and murder of a student on a New Delhi bus in a crime that sickened the nation and led to new laws to tackle endemic sex crime. Duration: 01:01 Sep 10, 2013

French retirees join march against pension reforms

French unions have taken to the streets to protest reforms to France's debt-ridden pension system, but no major disruptions are expected after the Socialist government took a soft approach. Duration: 00:44 Sep 10, 2013

Dozens of bushfires flare in Australia

Residents look at the flames from a bush fire that erupted in Sydney's western suburb of Castlereagh, New South Wales on September 10, 2013. Duration: 00:32 Sep 10, 2013