Spicejet crew committed a dangerous act while flying: Tariq Anwar

New Delhi, March 20 (ANI): Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Tariq Anwar termed the manner in which the crew of Spicejet risked the lives of passengers as grave. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a show cause notice to Spice jet, asking why its license should not be suspended, after a video showed cabin crew on a Goa - Bangalore flight dancing in the aisles. The video went viral on social media. Mar 20, 2014

Australia says satellites spot objects possibly from Malaysian Plane

Sydney, March 20 (ANI): Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that two objects have been spotted that could possibly be related to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Australian vessels have been scouring the southern Indian Ocean, searching for any trace of the missing Malaysia airlines aircraft. Finally, 13 days after the aircraft vanished, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that a satellite has spotted something floating around this area. An Orion aircraft has been sent to the area to try to locate the objects. Flight MH370 was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it lost contact with air traffic controllers. Mar 20, 2014

Advani refuses to accept BJP nomination from Gandhinagar, Congress react

Lucknow/ Ahemdabad, March 20 (ANI): Senior BJP leader LK Advani conveyed his displeasure over the party's decision to field him from Gandhinagar. Advani is the sitting MP from Gandhinagar, a seat he has held for the last 16 years, but the now he has made it clear that he wants to contest from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. Reacting over this, Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi said that Modi with his fascist thinking tried to kill everyone in BJP and that there is no respect for senior people in that party. Further, Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia said that Advani has had a big role in shaping up Modi's political career and now Modi is insulting Advani. Mar 20, 2014

Aviation expert on DGCA notice to spice jet for midair Holi dance

New Delhi, March 20 (ANI): The directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) issued a show-cause notice to SpiceJet, asking why its license should not be suspended, after a video of the cabin crew on a Goa-Bangalore flight dancing in the aisles went viral on social media. Eight flights operated by the airline on March 17 had cabin crew performing a dance sequence mid-air to celebrate Holi. Reacting over this aviation expert Harshvardhan said that while dancing in the flight was not a violation, the pilot coming out of the cockpit certainly was as in case of an emergency his presence would have been required inside. Many airlines have such performances. Mar 20, 2014

Customized vehicle designers do brisk business as general elections approach

Coimbatore, Mar 20 (ANI): Luxury vehicle designers in southern states are doing brisk business as politicians order customized campaign vehicles for the world’s largest democratic elections. Top political leaders from several parties have ordered vans that have rest rooms, portable toilets, televisions, and all the basic amenities inside them. Mar 20, 2014

Mamata Banerjee hopeful of clear majority in upcoming general elections

Malda, Mar 20 (ANI): Trinamool Congress (TMC) Chief, Mamata Banerjee said she is confident of victory without any alliance in the upcoming general elections and added that she is hopeful of clear majority. Taking a dig at former allies, Congress, Communist Party of India CPI (M), and the main opposition BJP, Mamata asserted that these parties have formed a syndicate and her party would fight against them and emerge the third largest in the country after the key players. Mar 20, 2014

Politicians file their nominations to contest 2014 general elections

Jamui/Nawada/Bhubaneswar, Mar 20 (ANI): Political leaders filed their nomination papers to contest the upcoming 2014 general elections as the world’s largest democracy goes to polls. Leaders from eastern India including Chirag Paswan, Giriraj Singh and Naveen Patnaik, filed their nomination papers. Mar 20, 2014

Wanted Maoist leader's wife joins Ama Odisha party

Bhubaneswar, Mar 20 (ANI): Wife of a wanted Maoist leader in Odisha, Subhashree Panda joined a regional political party Ama Odisha Party (AOP) ahead of the general elections. Panda is the wife of a top red rebel Sabyasachi Panda who carries a cash reward announced by the state government. He was expelled from the Communist party of India (Maoist) in 2012 after which he floated is own party, Odisha Maoists Party to carry out the agenda. Mar 20, 2014

Rahul Gandhi promises to push much touted women reservation bill

Manipur, Mar 20 (ANI): Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi called for women empowerment and promised to push through the much touted women reservation bill in the parliament. Rahul also pressed for improving the connectivity in Manipur with other parts of the country. Mar 20, 2014

Mango freeze mocktail

Ingredients: Mango juice - 60 ml Mango pulp Orange juice - 50 ml Pineapple juice - 50 ml A dash of Grenadine A dash of Blue curacao Method: Add fresh mangoes in a glass and muddle it well. Add crushed ice and mango juice to it. Shake the drink. Add the crushed ice to a tall glass. To it, add grenadine and the mango mixture. In another glass, take orange juice and pineapple juice. Shake the drink. Add it to the tall glass. Add a dash of blue curacao. Garnish. Subscribe to YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/ventunomocktail Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VentunoMocktail A Ventuno Production : http://www.ventunotech.com Mar 20, 2014

Former hardcore Maoist in Jharkhand reforms to lead an honest life

Lohardaga, Mar 20 (ANI): A hardcore Maoist in Jharkhand disillusioned by his wayward life, returned from prison a reformed and honest man, and took up farming to support his family. Kuldip Singh, one of the founding members of a Maoist group, worked to expand the illegitimate activities by teaching and manipulating men, women and children of the nearby districts. Mar 20, 2014