Professional, amateur wine-tasters gather for wine 'Oscars'

The International Wine Challenge opens near Bordeaux for the 38th year running, with over 4,000 wines from around the world vying for gold, silver and bronze medals, to be judged by some 700 international wine-tasters. Duration: 01:13 Apr 5, 2014

Ukraine dashes Darth Vader's presidential hopes

Darth Vader's run for president of Ukraine ended ingloriously Thursday when election officials said the man posing as the iconic movie villain might actually be an electrician named Viktor Shevchenko. Duration: 00:57 Apr 4, 2014

Thai Red Shirts mobilise to defend besieged PM

With a flurry of punches and kicks, hundreds of Thai "Red Shirts" undergo self-defence drills as they mobilise to protect the embattled government, stoking fears of a dangerous new phase of civil conflict. Duration: 00:57 Apr 4, 2014

Europe must remain vigilant over Russian troops: UK

"Europe must not relax" over the crisis in Ukraine as Russian troops have made only "a token withdrawal" from the border, British Foreign Secretary Wlliam Hague said Friday. Duration: 00:48 Apr 4, 2014

Endless food emergency in the Sahel

People living in the Sahel region of Africa face a food crisis for fourth consecutive year, and at the Mauritanian-Senegalese border food shortages are frequent. Duration: 00:40 Apr 4, 2014

World's finest viola presented in Hong Kong

The world's greatest viola, the "Macdonald" made by Antonio Stradivari in 1719, is presented in Hong Kong after Sotheby's opened a sealed bid process for the instrument, with bids expected in excess of $45 million. Duration: 00:58 Apr 4, 2014

Kenyan police, Muslim youth clash in Mombasa

Worshippers clash with police following Friday prayers at Martyr’s Mosque in Mombasa. Tension was high after the killing of hardline Kenyan cleric Abubakar Shariff Ahmed on Tuesday. Duration: 00:41 Apr 4, 2014

Malians concerned over ebola outbreak

Several west African countries geared up on Friday to tackle killer haemorraghic fevers including Ebola, which has claimed more than 80 lives in Guinea and just seen suspect cases emerge in Mali, after Liberia and Sierra Leone. Duration: 01:14 Apr 4, 2014

Election the talk of the town in Kabul beauty parlour

Behind the opaque windows of a beauty parlour in Kabul, the presidential election is a prime subject of conversation among clients dropping in for manicures, eyebrow grooming and massages. Duration: 01:34 Apr 4, 2014

Bimini Bay Iced Tea

Bimini Bay Iced Tea Ingredients Tequila - 15 ml Vodka - 15 ml Triple sec - 15 ml Gin - 15 ml Blue Curacao Lemon juice - 15 ml Simple syrup - 15 ml Pineapple juice Pepsi Method 1. In a shaker add Ice cubes, Tequila, Triple sec, Vodka, Gin, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Pineapple juice, Blue Curacao and Top it up with Pepsi. 2. Garnish it with Pineapple slice. Follow us on TWITTER - Subscribe to YouTube - Like us on FACEBOOK - A Ventuno Production : Apr 4, 2014