India must insist that US drop charges against Khobragade and apologize: BJP

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): Senior leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday were unanimous in their insistence that the United States must drop visa fraud charges against Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade and apologies to her and the Government of India for what it called an unnecessary incident of mistreatment that could affect bilateral ties between the two countries. Dec 20, 2013

US treatment of diplomat atrocious, apology is must: Manish Tewari

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari on Friday said the United States of America authorities have behaved atrociously with Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade. He wanted the United States to make good its actions. He added that the minimum demand made by India needs to be done by the US. Dec 20, 2013

AAP on Arvinder Singh Lovely's remark

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): The AAP on Friday stated it is not indulging in any war of words with any political party but has a proper action plan, after Congress Delhi president Arvinder Singh Lovely said that the AAP should not test the patience of Congress. The party also said that it is a new inning to see political transformation in a new way. Dec 20, 2013

US Firm on Prosecuting Devyani Khobragade

India may have thought by transferring its diplomat Devyani Khorbagode to the UN, it would be able to save her from a possible trial. In a counter move, the US State department, however, has made it clear that her diplomatic immunity would be counted from the day she was confirmed to the new job at the United Nations. Dec 20, 2013

AAP must not test Congress' patience: Arvinder Singh Lovely

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): Congress Delhi president Arvinder Singh Lovely on Friday said that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) got the votes by talking bad things about the Congress party and it should not test its patience. Lovely also said that AAP got the numbers because of promises made in its manifesto and talking bad about the Congress. Dec 20, 2013

BJP grateful to Karunanidhi for supporting Narendra Modi

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday said that it is grateful for the vote of confidence shown to its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi by DMK leader and former Tamil Nadu chief Minister M Karunanidhi. BJP leader Balbir Punj said that Modi's style of administration has got lot of applause all over the world. Punj was reacting to Karunanidhi's praise of Modi on Thursday. Dec 20, 2013

Little India Riot: 52 Indians Deported to Make Singapore ‘Safe’

The riot was sparked by the death of a 33-year old man in the Little India neighbourhood, following which a crowd of 400 migrant workers went on a rampage. After the 1969 infamous Singapore riots, this was the first time that such an outrage had taken place in the city. Dec 20, 2013

US denied dropping case against Devyani, Indian politicos remain firm for apology

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): After the US hardened its stand on Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade and denied dropping the case, Indian politicos remained firm on its demand and asked for the same. Parliamentary affairs minister Kamal Nath said that US should drop charges and drop all the cases against Khobragade. Further, BJP leader Kirti Azad said that there should be seriousness in the case and apology is demanded. Congress leader Jagdambika Pal also followed the suit. Meanwhile, BJD leader Jay Panda said that firmness on the stance should be changed as US is a friendly nation. Dec 20, 2013

Congress delayed reservation to jats: Naqvi

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): BJP Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Friday slammed UPA and Congress for delaying reservation to the jats. He said that it is taking all these decisions after they have realized that they are left with only few months in power and they can't implement the decisions they have taken now. He further said that his party had raised the issue of jat reservation several times but Congress had always opposed it. Dec 20, 2013

AK Ganguly insulting other judges, should resign: Shivanand Tiwari

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): After Former Supreme Court Judge AK Ganguly was denied a copy of the law intern's affidavit on grounds of confidentiality, JD (U) leader Shivanand Tiwari said that Ganguly is insulting other judges too and should resign soon. He said that if there had been some other person accused of a case like this, would he, as a judge, have allowed him to continue with his position. Dec 20, 2013

Congress dont see Narendra Modi as competition: Meem Afzal

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): As the speculations of DMK favoring BJP following DMK Chief M Karunanidhi’s praise to Narendra Modi are doing rounds, Congress Spokesperson Meem Afzal said that the party doesn’t see Modi as a competition. He said that it may have come due to Tamil Nadu local politics which hardly matters to Congress. Dec 20, 2013