Prabowo Subianto

Indonesian Election Presents U.S. with Modi-style Visa Headache

The emergence of Prabowo Subianto as a serious contender in Indonesia's election this week means the United States faces the awkward possibility of having to welcome another Asian leader it had denied entry to because of alleged links to mass killings. May 21, 2014

FARC legend lives on in historic stronghold

After half a century of armed fighting, Colombia may finally come close to negotiating peace with its leftist FARC guerrillas, who announced a truce for the upcoming presidential elections. Duration: 01:51 May 21, 2014

Twin Nigeria car bombs kill more than 100 in Jos

Twin car bombings in central Nigeria killed at least 118 people and brought entire buildings down Tuesday, in the latest affront to the government's internationally-backed security crackdown. Duration: 00:57 May 21, 2014

Bosnia floods raise danger of wartime explosives

In a potentially deadly side-effect to the record-breaking floods that have engulfed Bosnia, officials warned on Monday that unexploded mines left over the 1990s conflict could be dislodged and moved. Duration: 00:53 May 21, 2014

Malawi votes in close election under cloud of rigging

Malawians voted Tuesday in closely fought elections but polling was delayed by several hours in parts of the tiny and impoverished southern African nation, sparking anger among voters. Duration: 01:18 May 21, 2014

WFP launches major airlifts, airdrops for S.Sudan camps

The international community turns its gaze this week to conflict-torn South Sudan, where the UN says $1.26 billion is needed to avoid a major humanitarian crisis threatening millions of people. Duration: 00:46 May 21, 2014

Far-right and eurosceptics prepare for EU elections

Voters prepare to cast their ballots in European elections from May 22-25, which are expected to be marked by a record-low turnout, but with a strong showing for far-right and eurosceptic political groupings. Duration: 02:14 May 21, 2014

Berlin: Merkel at inauguration of the ILA International Air Show

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the opportunity of inaugurating the ILA International Air Show in Berlin with Turkish Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan, to offer her condolences to families of the victims of the mine explosion. Duration: 00:30 May 21, 2014

India's Modi meets president ahead of swearing-in

India's Narendra Modi meets with President Pranab Mukherjee after his sweeping election victory in the first formal step before he is sworn in as prime minister on May 26. Duration: 00:48 May 21, 2014