Treasure hunters build replica Nazi gold train after failing to find the real one

After a year-long hunt for an alleged Nazi gold train hidden in secret tunnels in the Sudeten Moutains in Poland, treasure hunters have built their own one instead. 12 meters high and weighing more than 9 tons, the replica locomotive took four months to build and three more carriages are yet to be added. During the Nazi occupation of Poland tunnels were supposedly built to hide military hardware and treasure, and although the tunnels exist, radar hasnt detected a secret Nazi gold train. Sep 19, 2016

Watch time-lapse footage of life jacket graveyard being created in Parliament Square

Dozens of volunteers unloaded truckloads of life vests at 5am on Monday (19 September) to create a life jacket graveyard in Londons Parliament Square. Some 2,500 life jackets were placed in rows on the grass – 625 of which were used by children. The aim is to highlight the plight of refugees ahead of the UN General Assembly in New York where world leaders including Theresa May will discuss the Syrian refugee crisis. Sep 19, 2016

17 soldiers killed after militants attack Indian army brigade headquarters near Pakistan border

17 soldier have been killed and 35 others injured after four gunmen stormed Indian army brigade headquarters in Kashmir. India is blaming Pakistan for the attack. The assault, in which four commando-style gunmen burst into the brigade headquarters in Uri at 5.30 am (midnight GMT) was among the deadliest in Kashmir and has sharply ratcheted up tension between the nuclear-armed rivals. The army deployed helicopters to evacuate soldiers injured in the dawn attack that was followed by a gunfight. The raid comes amid heightened tension in Indias only Muslim-majority region which has faced more than two months of protests following the 8 July killing of a popular separatist field commander. Sep 19, 2016