BJP wishes happy holi to the people of nation

New Delhi, March 17 (ANI): The BJP on Monday greeted nation on the occasion of Holi. Party President Rajnath Singh and leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi extended their greetings to people of the country on the occasion. Meanwhile, people from all walks of life - irrespective of caste, colour or creed are celebrating the colourful festival. Mar 17, 2014

International inspections reveal safety gaps in Bangladesh garment factories

New Delhi, March 17 (ANI): Almost a year after the fatal garment factory collapse at Rana Plaza in Dhaka, where more than 1,100 died, a new survey after international inspections has discovered that the majority of factories in the country still need to considerably improve conditions for workers. The garment industry has been a huge factor in the economic growth of Bangladesh and for its fast developing economy. However, the Rana Plaza tragedy 2013 and the Tazreen factory fire in 2012 brought the working and safety conditions of the industry into spotlight. As a result, stunned European makers got together and signed an accord. It said that retailers who signed up are committed to the goal of a safe and sustainable Bangladeshi Readymade Garment industry. However, inspections of 10 garment factories revealed little changes. Clogged ceilings, exposed wires, few fire alarms, jammed emergency exits and even an unauthorized helicopter pad were some of the discoveries for the survey team. Managing Director of a leading garments manufacturing company, Mohammadi Group, Rubana Huq, said that safety experts had began initial inspections in the garment factories in Bangladesh and that a helpful action plan needed to be followed genuinely. Mar 17, 2014

Shillong becomes a favoured tourist destination in the North-East

Shillong, Mar 17 (ANI): If you believe there’s no nightlife in the northeast! Think again! Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, comes alive in the late evening with the opening of roadside eateries, discos, theaters and shopping malls. It is a happening tourist hotspot. With the increase of tourists in the city, new hotels and business establishments have set up shops. There are seventeen recognized tourist spots in the city and the state government is planning to open a few more. Meghalaya is a state of great scenic and natural beauty. Undulating rivers, waterfalls, sparkling mountain ranges and streams all add up to the charm of the place. Mar 17, 2014

Centre forms committee to look into Bodoland demand

Bodoland, Mar 17 (ANI): Former home secretary G K Pillai has been appointed by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs to study and examine the demand for a separate state of Bodoland. GK Pillai will soon visit Kokrajhar to consult all sections of the society on the viability of Bodoland. The committee will submit its report to the Ministry within 9 months. A 12 member Bodo delegation, comprising representatives from the ABSU, People’s Joint Action Committee for Bodoland Movement, United Democratic People’s Front and the Bodoland People’s Progressive front, was in New Delhi recently. They held meetings with senior government officials to pitch their demand for a separate state. Mar 17, 2014

Pro-Russian Crimeans celebrate in Simferopol after vote

Flags, chants and music plus plenty of alcohol filled the streets of Crimea's main cities Sunday after voters backed joining Russia and breaking away from Ukraine in a disputed referendum. Duration: 01:03 Mar 17, 2014

Crimea votes to join Russia amid Western outrage

Crimeans voted overwhelmingly Sunday in favour of joining former political master Russia as tensions soared in the east of the splintered ex-Soviet nation amid the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War. Durstion: 00:36 Mar 17, 2014

Ukrainian PM rejects referendum in Crimea

Crimeans voted Sunday in a unique referendum on breaking away from Ukraine to join Russia that has precipitated a Cold War-style security crisis on Europe's eastern frontier. Duration: 00:55 Mar 17, 2014

4,000 pro-Russian Ukrainians protest in Donetsk

Approximately 4,000 pro-Russian protesters gathered in Lenin Square in central Donetsk on Sunday, calling for a referendum in their own region, as Crimeans voted on breaking away from Ukraine to join Russia. Duration: 01:12 Mar 17, 2014

Ukraine, Russia agree brief Crimea truce: Kiev

Ukraine's defence minister said Sunday his forces in Crimea had reached a temporary truce with Russia aimed at easing tensions surrounding the Black Sea peninsula's high-stakes secession referendum. Duration: 00:49 Mar 17, 2014

War, the latest visitor to Syria's fabled Palmyra

Syria's fabled desert Greco-Roman oasis of Palmyra saw its last tourist in September 2011, six months after the uprising began. Its most recent visitors are violence and looting. Duration: 01:42 Mar 16, 2014

Tatars boycott Crimea referendum on joining Russia

In Bakhchysaray - the main centre of Crimea's native Muslim Tatar community - many Tatars said they were boycotting the referendum and wanted to stay as part of Ukraine. Duration: 01:28 Mar 16, 2014

Ukrainians divided over Crimea referendum

As crimeans took to the polls on Sunday to vote on breaking away from Ukraine to join Russia, Ukranians in Kiev worried about the result of a referendum they consider illegal. Duration: 01:27 Mar 16, 2014