Nigeria says Liberian man died of Ebola in Lagos hospital

Nigeria said Friday that Ebola caused the death of a Liberian national who died in quarantine in Lagos, confirmation that the worst-ever outbreak of the virus has reached Africa_s most populous country. Duration: 00:37 Jul 26, 2014

Iran rally in support of Palestinians, against Israel

Iranians rallied nationwide on Friday in a show of support for Palestinians and to protest against Israel as the Jewish state pursued its deadly campaign against the Gaza Strip enclave. Duration: 00:41 Jul 26, 2014

Richard III's car park burial site opens to public

Visitors will be able to look down from a glass walkway on the grave of King Richard III when a new centre opens in the English cathedral city of Leicester, where the infamous hunchback was found under a car park in 2012. Duration: 00:35 Jul 26, 2014

C. African govt. vows to enforce Brazzaville ceasefire deal

The Central African Republic's transitional authorities have returned to Bangui after a peace conference in Brazzaville, in the Republic of the Congo, where Centrafrican rival armed factions agreed to a tentative ceasefire. Duration: 00:32 Jul 26, 2014

Japan volcanic isle smouldering and growing

A smouldering islet formed by a volcanic eruption last year off Japan's southern coast is absorbed by a nearby island, new video images show. Duration: 00:30 Jul 26, 2014