Iraq Christians fleeing jihadists long for exile

Iraqi Christians who fled a jihadist onslaught and are packed several families to a room in a church in Kurdistan have lost hope in their country and long to emigrate. Duration: 01:05 Aug 13, 2014

Chief of Google India says digitization will empower 500 million people

New Delhi, Aug 13 (ANI): The chief of Google India Rajan Anandan has said that digital revolution would truly empower 500 million people across the country in the years to come. Anandan said digitizing India is exciting as it opens new doors to millions across the country. Sharing Google's vision for India, Anandan said bringing in technologies will create an ecosystem where innovation along with empowerment can take place. Anandan also talked about Cyber security and said it was one of the most potent areas of safety and a priority for the company. He added that Google was investing hugely to ensure the security of its infrastructure, which requires large investments, funding research internally as well as in leading technical universities around the world. Anandan concluded saying that digitizing India was going to be a big battle over the next 20 to 30 years. Aug 13, 2014

Fruit processing unit 'Fruitage' gaining popularity in Nainital making varieties of products from Ap

Nainital, Aug 13 (ANI): A fruit processing unit in hill town of Nainital in Uttarakhand has become a popular name by producing a variety of products from apples and savouring the taste buds. The owner of 'Fruitage', Sanjeev Bhagat said that for the past 20 years the fruit processing unit has been producing a great variety of pickles, juices, squash, jams, chutney and sweet jam pickles 'murabbaa' from as many as 20 variety of apples, which are liked by people across the nation. The unit is primarily run by women workers, who are involved in multiple tasks, right from peeling the apples to boiling them, sweetening them, making different products out of them and packaging as well. The unit is also known for providing employment opportunities to women. The products made out of apples at the fruit processing unit are gaining popularity among tourists as well. Aug 13, 2014

T-shirt, jeans are Jennifer Aniston's lazy style secret

New Delhi, August 13 (ANI): Jennifer Aniston recently revealed that laziness was the key to her wonderful casual style of T-shirt and jeans. While speaking to Yahoo! Beauty, the 45-year-old star said that even though she mostly sports the casual outfit, she often "tailors" her clothes to make them look chic, a leading daily reported. Aniston added that she removes the pockets from her Hudson jeans, as she only likes its fit and wears Saint Laurent jackets. Aug 13, 2014

Muzaffarnagar organizes marathon to spread communal harmony

Muzaffarnagar, Aug 13 (ANI): In a bid to unite people from all faiths in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar city of Uttar Pradesh, a marathon was organised on Tuesday to spread the message of peace and communal harmony. Muzaffarnagar is a flashpoint in Uttar Pradesh in which some 60 people were killed in Hindu-Muslim riots last year. The marathon saw participation of around 4,000 children, along with journalists, police officials, and members of various women and civil society organisations. The event concluded with a cultural function featuring Independence Day-themed programmes. The five-kilometre marathon is an annual event and was organised for the third time in a row. An activist, Satyaprakash Reshu said the marathon would cross all religious institutions with religious heads taking part in it. Aug 13, 2014

New C.Africa PM vows reconciliation despite rebel snub

The new prime minister of the Central African Republic vowed Monday to reconcile a nation torn apart by ethnic and religious violence even as rebels refused to take part in his government. Duration: 01:18 Aug 12, 2014

UN demands urgent action to help Iraq refugees

The United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, says thousands of Yazidi refugees are stranded on Mount Sinjar in Iraq, besieged by Sunni extremists from the Islamic State who control much of northern Iraq and eastern Syria. Duration: 00:56 Aug 12, 2014