Bangladesh intellectual's daughter lauds government for trial of Pakistan war criminals

Dhaka, March 14 (ANI): Nuzhat Choudhury, daughter of Bangladesh intellectual, Alim Chowdhury, has welcomed the initiative of the Bangladesh Government to try Pakistan war criminals accused of genocide during the 1971 liberation struggle. Recently, Bangladesh Law Minister Anisul Haque hinted at the trial of the Pakistani war criminals. Choudhury, while talking to the reporter in Dhaka, slammed Pakistan for not fulfilling the promises it had made. Choudhury also denounced the strong alliance between Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat. Mar 14, 2014

Buenos Aires' homeless name their slum 'Pope Francis'

About 1,000 families occupy an old car cemetery in Buenos Aires, where a priest from a neighboring slum gave his benediction for people to name the area "Pope Francis neighborhood." Duration: 01:19 Mar 14, 2014

Crimeans rush to withdraw cash as referendum looms

Crowds in Crimea queued outside banks as a looming referendum to break away from Ukraine and join Russia sowed panic and confusion among ordinary residents hit with withdrawal limits. Duration: 00:33 Mar 14, 2014

Ukraine forms new volunteer defence force

Ukraine's parliament voted unanimously to create a new National Guard of 60,000 volunteers who could stand up in the face of Russia's expansionist threat. Duration: 01:21 Mar 14, 2014

Cameron in Bethlehem calls for a two-state solution

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas speak to reporters after their meeting in Bethlehem, with Cameron calling for a two-state solution. Duration: 00:35 Mar 14, 2014

Paris police take measures to help combat pollution

Nearly a third of the 22 regions in mainland France are on a maximum pollution alert. Police in Paris have been trying to bring down pollution levels by diverting traffic from the city and enforcing lower speed restrictions. Duration: 00:53 Mar 14, 2014

Turkey PM accuses his opponents of being 'charlatans'

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday accused his opponents of trying to stir up chaos ahead of key local elections later this month, a day after clashes in which two people died. Duration: 00:36 Mar 14, 2014