Hundreds queue for new iPhones in Australia

Hundreds of people queue in Sydney are among the first in the world to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone 6 models with the large-screen handsets drawing keen interest. Duration: 00:42 Sep 19, 2014

Obama praises Congress for IS response

US President Barack Obama on Thursday thanked Congress for its "speed and seriousness" in endorsing his plan to train moderate rebels in Syria to battle the Islamic State group. Duration: 00:51 Sep 19, 2014

Bill Gates meets PM Modi and Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi, Sep 19 (ANI): Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates along with his wife Melinda Gates met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday at his office in New Delhi to discuss the sanitation projects that his foundation has undertaken in India. He also met Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu. Earlier in the day, Gates met Transport Minister Nitin Gadakari at his residence.The key areas of their discussion were rural development and sanitation. Gadkari had thanked Gates for his contribution and said that the poor people will definitely benefit from their foundation. Earlier, Gates praised India for the pioneering work in polio eradication and said the country's plan to achieve its target of reducing the newborn mortality rate to single digit before 2030 was possible. Sep 19, 2014

Scottish independence issue settled for a generation: British PM David Cameron after Scotland reject

Edinburgh, Sep 19 (ANI): British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday that the question of Scottish independence had been settled "for a generation" after Scotland voters called a clear vote to stay part of United Kingdom. Cameron said the result paved the way for a new balanced constitutional settlement for all of Britain, including England, and that draft laws granting Scotland new powers would be published by January. As the result of the historic Scotland referendum announced that it would stay part of UK, people awaiting the result were seen in mixed of emotions. Meanwhile, Scottish nationalist leader Alex Salmond conceded defeat over his bid to win independence and demanded the British government rapidly meet its promise of more powers for Edinburgh. Salmond commended Scottish voters for a high turnout, calling it a "triumph for the democratic process and participation in politics." Sep 19, 2014