John Kerry issues first ten-year visas for Chinese visitors

US Secretary of State John Kerry hands out the first extended visas for Chinese nationals headed to the United States for work or study, after a deal to extend visas for Chinese visitors for up to a decade. Duration: 00:36 Nov 13, 2014

UN Ebola coordinator: slow progress being made

The United Nations' Ebola response coordinator on Wednesday said that slow progress is being made in tackling the virus in West Africa, while calling for people not to stigmatize those from countries affected by the disease. Duration: 00:50 Nov 13, 2014

European probe Philae makes first-ever landing on comet

The European probe Philae has made the first-ever landing on a comet, a crowning phase in a quest to explore the origins of the Solar System, the European Space Agency (ESA) said Wednesday. Duration: 01:17 Nov 13, 2014

European probe lands on comet

A European probe makes the first-ever landing on a comet in a quest to explore the origins of the Solar System, but there were concerns over whether it is fastened securely enough to carry out its mission. Duration: 02:04 Nov 13, 2014